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Why Vote Peter Bryant for Judge


Peter Bryant has practiced law for a decade in Philadelphia. A graduate of the George Washington University and Rutgers Law, Peter’s comprehensive experience as a lawyer and advocate has been built by ensuring that everyday people are not taken advantage of and that all have their chance to be heard before the law.   


Representing people in litigation and appellate matters, Peter has fought to ensure that our legal system lives up to its most important principle—that it is applied fairly, regardless of wealth, status, or influence. 


Peter is a leader full of energy and ideas, an advocate for Philadelphia’s vulnerable citizens, a proud Philadelphia public school parent, and a great choice for judge. 


Our judicial elections are an opportunity to address fundamental issues of fairness and equality in Philadelphia. Peter has fought to ensure that our system lives up these principles.  As Judge, Peter will continue that fight from the bench. Let’s get him there. 


As Peter Sees It

Peter believes that anyone who is wronged should have real recourse in the courts of Philadelphia. This means that people should not only have their cases heard in a timely fashion, but also that those who use their wealth and influence to try and drag out cases or game the system be held to account. It also means judging cases not on narrow and technical interpretations of the law in ways that protect wrongdoers, but by common sense, fairness and practicality.


Peter also believes that accountability means that we should not punish people excessively—punishments must fit the crime. From alternative sentencing for low-level offenders and diversion programs to fairly judging cases based on the merits, Peter believes that Philadelphia can deliver justice to victims while also ensuring that offenders should have another chance to rebuild their lives after they make amends.     

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